How to choose the most suitable VTOMAN power station?

How to choose the most suitable VTOMAN power station?

What is power station?
Power station is a multifunctional power source with a built-in lithium-ion battery that reserves electricity. With light weight, high capacity, high power, long life and stability. It can also output DC and AC power and other common power interfaces, and can supply power to cell phones, laptops, drones, projectors,electric fans, cameras, power tools and other equipment, and is suitable for outdoor camping, off-grid living, RV travel, family emergency power, professional construction and other scenarios with high power consumption.

As we all know, power stations are used for powering/charing appliances, and it needs to provide a long time stable current output for some appliances. Allow users to use various electrical devices normally even without electricity. Therefore before you select a power station, you need to know the capacity of your devices, the max AC output of all your appliances and how long you need to power those appliances.

Generally, normal power stations will have USB-A/USB-C ports to charge cell phones and other devices. These devices generally require a small capacity and short charging time. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the capacity of those devices.

As for those high-powered device:

1.Max AC Output
Power station must be able to guarantee the total power output demand of appliances and it is recommended that the maximum output power of the power station is higher than the total power demand of the appliances.

2.Amout of devices
Some appliances need to be powered for a long time, such as refrigerators, TVs, etc. And others only need to be powered for a short time when being used such as kettles and power tools, etc.
Make sure the amount of AC ports >= the amout of appliances (need to be powered for a long time).

3.Time of powering
Evaluate the using time of every appliance.

4.Capacity demand
The capacity demand = (Appliance input power*time of powering + Total capacity of charging devices)/0.9

The specification of VTOMAN power stations:

· VTOMAN Jump600 : 2*AC ports 600W max Output + 640Wh capacity
· VTOMAN Jump1000 : 3*AC ports 1000W max Output + 1408Wh capacity
· VTOMAN Jump1500X : 3*AC ports 1500W max Output + 828Wh capacity
· VTOMAN Jump1800 : 3*AC ports 1800W max Output + 1548Wh capacity

Tips:VTOMAN extra battery can quickly add 1548wh capacity to Jump 1000/JUMP 1500X/Jump 1800.