Portable Power Station: Power up Your Tailgating

Portable Power Station: Power up Your Tailgating

Tailgating is a beloved American tradition that brings people together to celebrate their team spirit before a big game. Grilling up burgers and hotdogs, playing lawn games, and watching other games on TV are all part of the classic tailgating experience. But in order to do any of those activities, you need power. Relying on your car battery or trying to find an outlet in a packed parking lot is not the most convenient option. That's where portable power stations come in handy to power up your tailgate party.

How Do You Get Power When Tailgating?

Traditional methods of generating power for tailgating usually revolve around noisy, gas-guzzling generators. While effective, these generators are bulky, loud, and emit fumes. Solar panels are another option, but they are dependent on weather conditions. Then, there are the usual car batteries, but draining your vehicle's battery is never a good idea.

Enter the portable power station. A portable power station is essentially a large battery with various outlets that can power multiple devices simultaneously. It's compact, quiet, and doesn't produce any harmful emissions, making it the perfect fit for a tailgating event. Most models come with an array of ports, including standard electrical outlets, USB ports, and even car outlets, ensuring you can plug in anything, from your smartphone to a portable grill.

VTOMAN Power Station more environmentally friendly, low noise, and equipped with various ports.

Benefits of Portable Power Station for Tailgating

Portable power stations provide tailgaters with reliable, clean electricity on demand, enhancing the celebration.

  • AC and DC Power: With AC outlets and USB ports in one unit, tailgaters can play music over Bluetooth speakers, watch pre-game coverage on a TV, grill food on an electric griddle, and keep drinks chilled in a mini fridge or cooler. There's power for all necessities.
  • Clean Energy: Say goodbye to the noisy drone and smelly fumes of gas generators. Portable power stations run silently on self-contained lithium batteries to preserve the festive tailgating atmosphere. Their zero-emissions operation keeps the air clean for an enjoyable experience.
  • Portability: Portable stations are engineered for easy transport in vehicles and setup in parking lots. Some models come with wheels and handles ideal for rolling to your preferred spot near the stadium.
  • Outlet Capacity: Multiple AC and USB outlets help avoid outlet shortage headaches when operating a TV, grill, speakers, phones, and more simultaneously.
  • Power Output: Portable power stations with 1000W+ inverter capacity can power tailgating essentials like TVs, refrigerators, and electric griddles without any shutdowns or electrical issues.
  • Battery Capacity: Higher capacities like 1500Wh+ provide the hours of continuous power needed for an all-day parking lot celebration before the big game.
  • Safety: Gas generators pose carbon monoxide and fire risks that simply don't exist with safe lithium battery power.

1548Wh capacity and 1800W output, release energy to meet your needs

With these tailored advantages, portable power stations empower football fans to take their tailgating experience to the next level.

What Size Portable Power Station Do You Need for Tailgating?

Tailgate power needs vary depending on the number of devices running and for how long. Here are some guidelines on capacity:

  • Minimal needs - A 200-300 Wh portable power station can handle phone charging, TV streaming, music, fans, and string lights. Good for shorter tailgates for a small group.
  • Medium needs - A 500-1000 Wh power station can run a TV, mini fridge, music, cooking appliances, phones, and lighting for 4-6 hours. Enough for a full day of tailgating with a medium-sized group.
  • Maximum needs - For an all-day tailgate for a larger group with sustained use of appliances like a TV, electric griddle, mini fridge, crockpot, lighting, and speakers, look for a 1500-2000+ Wh station.


Tailgating and portable power stations go hand in hand, letting you tap into power wherever your pre-game party takes you. Portable power stations provide reliable, clean AC and DC power to operate a range of tailgating electronics without the noise, fumes, and hassles of generators. Considering your specific power needs and group size will help determine the right power station capacity and outlet configuration. Invest in a portable power station so you can spend your energy cheering on your team, not worrying about access to power. With your own power source in tow, you'll be set to power up epic tailgates wherever the game takes you.

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